Sweet Pearls with Topaz Collar


  • RON: 830,72 lei



This product is unique: a single piece is available.

The Sweet Pearls with Topaz Collar is handcrafted from from 5 mm faceted topaz and 7 mm cultured pearls. The locking mechanism comes as a zirconium-encrusted sphere.

Your accessory is packaged by hand, using custom-made Serenity Quartz packaging. The packaging ensures the safe delivery of your product, while also boasting a premium feel. In this way, we make sure that you are ready to surprise your loved ones (or yourself!) as soon as the order reaches you. Your product comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Pearls – these organic products represent simplicity, purity and innocence. They are typically produced by oysters and other molluscs, and are formed in concentric layers. Difficult to produce and extract, pearls are now associated with rarity and value. Their concentric structure and their method of production invite the wearer to self-reflection and personal growth.

Topaz – this gemstone is also known as Saxon diamond. For thousands of years, the term ‘topaz’ has been associated with opulence, vibration and force. For some time, topaz was known as ‘imperial gemstone’ due to the impressive collection of the Romanov family.

Additional Information

Women's Collars Circumference

S – 32 cm, M – 35 cm, L – 38 cm, XL – 42 cm


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