Welcome to the Land of Serenity Quartz

We invite you to experience serenity, wearing our carefully hand crafted jewelry.


The story of Serenity Quartz begins in a distant, different time.

Somewhere, a pretty and playful girl met the Peony Fairy, who could very rarely be seen by humans due to her purity.

Perhaps the little girl could see the fairy because in her uniqueness, she knew how to dream. She dreamed a lot and truly believed in the dreams she felt with intense emotions.

To reward her courage, the Peony Fairy promised to help the girl’s dreams come true. They both sat on the soft grass and spent time together until sundown.

Accompanied by elves and other fantastical creatures, the girl walked back home under the starry night sky. She decided to not tell anyone about her magical encounter.

The Peony Fairy did not forget her promises, and the girl’s dreams have all come true.

They say that fairies and angels never forget their promises, instead guarding and making them come true.

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