castelul de lut valea zanelor serenity quartz

A place of relaxation and tranquility, the Castle of Clay came into being on the 20th of March 2014 based on the unique concept of a Natural Story House.Over the years we have invested all our resources to create a magical place, a place of serenity, especially for our customers. We invite you to discover our story and the adventures we’ve been through!

On the banks of Porumbacu River, at the foot of the majestic Făgăraș Mountains lies a magical place, taken from Romanian folk tales and carefully guarded by magical entities.
The Castle of Clay Valley of Fairies is a place for travellers to relax, a place permanently bathed in the gentle rays of the sun and the infinite pastel of flowers.
Legend has it that the land where the castle stands was inhabited by magical creatures – fairies – who still protect the place that was once their home.

Magic and perseverance took root in our minds and souls, so we managed to build a symbol of tradition and tranquility. We have written countless pages in the book of our lives and we want to continue it with beautiful people, with lovers of nature, travel and new adventures!


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